brochure design

Contrast was used by using bold colors that are opposite and will stand out. Repetition is used by keeping the same patterns and designs thoughout the entire project. Alignment is used by not using multiple alignments on the brochure. Proximity was utilized by keeping similar information near each other.


event invitation

I made this document by making a rectangle with all the information about the party on it in clear view. I then made it so the card looked appealing by putting a radial gradient on it. This could be used in the real world as a quick way to spread the word of a party you are having to a large group of people.

campaign poster

I created this document to advertise who I think should be president. I started by putting the candidates name on the poster to inform the reader what the poster is about. This document could be used to get and idea or thought out to a large group of people with minimum effort.